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Most people have at some point in their life experienced some sort of backache. So img_5931keeping the spine healthy is in everyone’s interest.

So how do you keep your spine healthy? By moving it, all the forward folds, backbends, side stretches and twists you do in a yoga class help you stretch and strengthen the muscles around your spine.

By moving your spine you will increase the flow of nutrients filled fluids to the discs, which will keep them moist and mobile, rather than dry and brittle.

Every step you take send a shockwave through your legs and up through your spine. The discs then act as pillows protecting the vertebras, so the more fluid in them the more protection.

img_5080Bending your spine in different directions will allow your lungs to open up which will make your breathing deeper and more efficient. Your ability to get oxygen to all parts of your lungs will improve and therefore will your blood carry more oxygen to all body parts. Improving the blood flow and the amount of nutrients in the blood to your whole body and also your bloods ability to remove toxins.img_5122

Stretching your spine will also help improve your posture.
As moving you spine will help you find the point where your body is in balance. Your head is stacked over your neck and shoulders, which in turn is stacked over your hips, knees and ankles.

If you are walking around slightly out of balance all the time, for example having your head slightly more forward than your shoulders, the unnecessary strain on your muscles to keep you upright will eventually get tired and start aching.

Starting your day with a couple of gentle stretches in all directions of your spine will do wonders for your posture, sore shoulders, lung capacity and spine protection

Sitting on your bed you can gently arch your spine as you inhale, opening up your chest and as you exhale rounding your spine widening the space between your shoulders blades (sitting cat/cow).

Going over to reaching both your hand up and over your head, grabbing hold of your right wrist with your left hand and then stretching your body to the left making a banana shape, and then over to the other side.

Placing your left hand on your right knee and your right hand behind you open up your chest to the side coming in to a twist, inhale to lengthen your spine and exhale see if you can deepen the twist, and then do the other side.



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