Yoga for upper backache

Anyone working or spending a lot of time with their arms in front of them can easily end up with slightly rounded shoulders, which might result in neck or upper back pain.

The reasoimg_5924n for this is when you use your chest muscles to keep your arms in front of you all day, they can end up tired and tight and start pulling your shoulders forward. This will in turn make the muscles in your upper back, between your shoulder blades stretch.

After a while in this stretched position the muscle will get weaker and longer. To counteract this the muscle will automatically start to tense up and being really weak this will soon start hurting.

The upper back will then start feeling tight, especially after a day at the office, so you might feel the need to stretch it or get a back massage. This however will only result in temporary relief.

The problem actually lies in your chest muscles being too tight causing your back muscles to be too stretched. So if you feel like you can’t get rid of your upper backache, stretching and massaging your chest muscles might help.

This is something you can do everyday at your desk whenever you start feeling tired or just before you go to bed.

img_5925Start gently pushing two fingers into the area just below your collarbones doing small circles working your way out to your armpits and then down and back again. This will increase the blood flow and help your muscles to relax.

Sitting up tall with a straight spine interlock your fingers behind your back and slowly draw your hands down focusing on open up your shoulders and your chest and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Being really mindful of not overdoing this.

Finishing with lengthening your neck drawing your shoulders down, tuck your chin in slightly and turn it over your right shoulder and then your left, doing this in a flow or one side at a time.

And stop walking around looking down at your phone! 😉

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