The importance of good posture

The way we carry our bodies has a huge effect on the quality of our lives. Bad posture does not only affect the way we look, it makes ourselves and others perceive us as less confident and competent and creates short and long term health problems, both physical and psychological.

Most of the muscles in our body are used to move the bones around in desired direction. Namnlös

A simple example is the way our legs move, as you can see in the picture above the muscles on the top half of the leg attach just below the knee, and even though it is a bit harder to see, the lower leg muscles attach just above the knee. So when we tighten muscles on the back of our legs we pull the shinbone towards the thighbone, using the knee as a hinge. And when we tighten the muscles on the front of our legs, the opposite happens and our legs straighten out.

Knowing this makes it quite easy to understand that when our muscles are constantly tight, they pull our bones into positions that might be harmful.

Having a lifestyle where you spend a lot of time being still make our muscles stiff, slows down circulation and metabolism, puts strain on your heart and lungs, increase stress and deepens bad mood and depression. It also increase sore muscles, tension headaches and can make it harder to fall asleep at night and worsen the quality of our sleep.IMG_6617

Over the next few weeks we will deepen our understanding of different health issues caused by bad posture and slowly work towards lengthen and strengthen muscles from head to toes to stand up taller and help our bodies work and move more efficiently.


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