Shoulder, neck and head tension Workshop 27/1

The date for the next workshop is set!

27th of January in Wivelsfield Church hall,
near Wivelsfield Green RH17 7RD, at 3-5 pm

This workshop will focus on something many of us (including me) suffer from in this day and age: headaches and upper back pain due to stress, tension & poor posture for a large portion of the day.



Many of you don’t know that I suffer from migraines at least once a week, sometimes I can still go through my day and sometimes I can’t get out of bed. I have spent a lot of time researching and trying different methods, stretches etc to improve the situation.

I am no expert in the area and you should always listen to your doctors recommendation. But I know I am far from alone in this and therefore I want to share the things that I found work for me.


The workshop will begin with a gentle flow focusing on the upper body, spine, neck, shoulder and chest. Throughout I will explain how the different areas of our body responds to stress and how that might affect us. Most of these stretches will also be great to use at home or at work if you start feeling tense, you will therefore also receive a manual with them that you get to take with you.


We will have some tea, give ourselves a neck and head massage that will help ease tension.


And then finish it of with Yoga Nidra, which is a guided meditation which helps increase your body awareness. With greater body awareness we can identify and prevent tensing or stress before it shows as headaches or back pain.

The cost for the workshop is £30 per person. Payment occurs at the time of booking if nothing else is agreed on.


Contact me to book your spot and arrange payment

Namaste Ylva

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