6 week Yoga for Runners course

Hello everyone!

I have decided to try something new this year, Yoga courses. They will work a little differently to my other weekly classes. You will sign up for the whole course which will have a theme. The class for the courses will be held weekly on Wednesdays and each class in the course will build on the previous one.

By coming regularly you will notice improvements and benefits easily and I can also help give more individual attention to everyone. 

Example on planned courses are: beginner course, yoga for runners, yoga for office worker and a few more, please send me a message if there is a theme you would like to do! The courses will be available for all ages and experiences unless anything else is specifically said. The length of courses will also vary but will be between 4-8 weeks most likely. During the weeks of the course all participants are welcome to come to any of my other classes in Wivelsfield Church hall at no extra cost.
Payment occurs at time of booking and is binding.

After my first course for beginners being super popular I am now really excited to announce that the next one will be
Yoga for Runners

If you want more info or would like to book on to the course, send me a message!

The course will start on Wednesday the 21st of February 17.15-18.15 for 6 consecutive weeks. The cost will be £60 for the whole course.

This course will suit anyone who has never done yoga to more experienced yogis. Focus will lie on lengthening and strengthening hamstrings, improve core stability and breath work. So even is you don’t run but would like to improve these areas you are more than welcome to join!

This lies close to my heart as I used to be a dedicated runner. You only need to do a quick google search to realize that anyone who goes running would benefit from doing yoga. Running is a great way to stay fit, strong and happy. But it is also a great way to become stiff which makes you prone to injuries.

You can read about some of the benefits yoga will give you as a runner here and here.

          A few of them are

  • Minimizing injuries
  • Improve stride length
  • Improve stamina
  • Improve posture and core stability
  • Balance the body
  • Decrease tension
  • Make it easier to breathe

One of the main reasons for doing yoga is according to me always the body awareness it gives.  By moving our bodies in a mindful way our perception of where the body parts are in space, how much effort it will take and which muscles to use to move them. This will make us more sure of what are bodies are capable of as well as minimizing a fall after stumbling etc.
Running improves body awareness too on its own, but by doing yoga as well you will notice a great difference!

6 Week Yoga Course

Yoga for beginners



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