Backbend workshop 24/2

The date for the next workshop is set, Saturday the 24th of February
This workshop will focus on backbends, and even more, opening up the front of our bodies.

The workshop will be a 2 hour flow class where we will learn how to safely backbend and how to experience all the benefits from it. Backbends are the perfect antidote to most aches and pain today.

This workshop is suitable for all levels including complete beginners!


Counteract rounded shoulders
Improve posture
Increase mobility in the spine
Boost your mood
Relieve stress
Opens the heart and the mind



The benefits from practicing bacbends are both physical and psychological. By moving your spine, you keep it healthy. All the forward folds, backbends, side stretches and twists you do in a yoga class help you stretch and strengthen the muscles around your spine.

By moving your spine you will increase the flow of nutrients filled fluids to the discs, which will keep them moist and mobile, rather than dry and brittle. Every step you take send a shock-wave through your legs and up through your spine. The discs then act as pillows protecting the vertebra, so the more fluid in them the more protection.

Bending your spine in different directions will allow your lungs to open up which will make your breathing deeper and more efficient. Your ability to get oxygen to all parts of your lungs will improve and therefore will your blood carry more oxygen to all body parts. Improving the blood flow and the amount of nutrients in the blood to your whole body and also your bloods ability to remove toxins.


When we feel vulnerable, our tendency is to curl inwards, to protect ourselves. Our shoulders round forward and we begin to slouch, almost as if we’re creating a protective field around our heart.

Backbends aren’t called heart openers for nothing. In a backbend, you are literally stretching the front of your chest and opening your heart, almost as if you’re cracking open the front of your chest. It takes courage to do this, and creates more of it.

When opening that protective field around the heart, the body sends signal to the brain saying we are safe, the brain then releases hormones that makes us feel more comfortable and confident, starting a positive cycle.

By releasing some of the tension around the chest we sometimes also experience a sense of emotional release, maybe from whatever made us feel vulnerable.


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