6 week course – Yoga for busy minds

I have decided to try something new this year, Yoga courses. They will work a little differently to my other weekly classes. You will sign up for the whole course which will have a theme. The class for the courses will be held weekly on Wednesdays 5.15 – 6.15 pm and each class in the course will build on the previous one.

By coming regularly you will notice improvements and benefits easily and I can also help give more individual attention to everyone. During the weeks of the course all participants are welcome to come to any of my other classes in Wivelsfield Church hall at no extra cost.
Payment occurs at time of booking and is binding.

The next course will be Yoga for busy minds, and will start on Wednesday the 23rd of May 17.15-18.15 for 6 consecutive weeks. The cost will be £60 for the whole course.

This course will suit anyone who has never done yoga to more experienced yogis. Focus will lie on using all the secret ingredients in yoga to help recognize what makes us stressed, ruins our sleep and makes us lose focus.

The goal of this course is not to be able to meditate quietly with no thoughts for hours, but rather to learn how to spend energy and attention on what we think is important and helpful rather than on things that are not.

The meaning with the course is to teach ourselves how to relax, to recognize when we become stressed and how that affects our behavior. By constantly trying to juggle several thoughts, musts and shoulds in our head we will inevitably become exhausted, but most likely have trouble sleeping or switching off, as our mind is racing around trying to keep up. We will learn several different techniques to calm down so that we can act from a place of kindness and logic rather than whatever stress respond is going through our hormones, nervous system, digestive system etc


It is very easy to be busy today, with all the should’s of family, work, fitness, social life etc. We take so much pride in doing more, we are taught from a very young age that the more you do the better you are. But for some reason we are never taught how to relax. This leaves us feeling inadequate and in a constant search for the next thing, meaning we are constantly in a fight/flight mode where we want to give everything we have.

Yoga is scientifically proven to ease stress on all levels in your body, in your hormones, in your nervous system,  in the way your brainwaves work, in your digestion, down to all the cells in your body.

You don’t have to do yoga for years to feel these benefits, you will feel the benefits after your first class. And once the ball has started rolling you’ve entered and positive spiral, where you feel less stressed, which helps you sleep better, which in turn makes your mind more focused and less scattered, and so on.

During this course you will learn loads of tools to enter this positive spiral and how to keep it going. If you want more info or would like to book on to the course, send me a message!

6 Week Yoga Course

Yoga for beginners



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