Meditation and Restorative Workshop

Sunday the 29/4 at 3-5pm
Wivelsfield Church hall,
near Wivelsfield Green RH17 7RD

This workshop is suitable for all levels including complete beginners! So no experience in either yoga or meditation is necessary.

Payment occurs at time of booking and is binding.

Join me for a 2 hour workshop focusing on restoring and healing the body and mind. The workshop will start with a sequence of restorative poses made to reach a deeper level of calm and a sense of connection between body and mind. This is a place where your body can start to heal inflammations, injuries and stress in a way that has a lasting effect.

When we then enter the meditation part of the workshop we will practice non-attachment, which is a big part of yoga. You can read more about the yama Aparigraha – which translates into non-possessiveness or non-attachment – here.

Have you’ve ever been in a situation which reminds you of something that happened, months or maybe even years ago? Have you noticed how when this happens we experience exactly the same emotions as we did then? Sometimes when we don’t let go of things they can pop up later on in life when we least expect it. Sometimes this is when we are meditating or practicing a slower pace of yoga that allows us to think a bit more, like restorative or yin yoga. Because we might be expecting these thoughts we can be a step ahead and practice non-attachment.

In this workshop you will learn tools of how to not attach yourselves and feel guilty or blame yourself for things that happened years ago and cannot be changed. When we can let go of the past we can spend our energy on changing the future.

As the old saying goes:

Give me the strength to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.



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