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Hello everyone!

Start the next part of the year calmer and more flexible and in tune with your body! After many request I am now running another yoga for beginners course!

Starting Monday the 6th of August 6.15-7.15 pm

The courses I run work a little differently to my other weekly classes. You will sign up for the whole course which will have a theme. The class for the courses will be held weekly on Mondays and each class in the course will build on the previous one.

During the weeks of the course all participants are welcome to come to any of my other classes in Wivelsfield Church hall at no extra cost. Payment occurs at time of booking and is binding.


I remember the first time I stepped in to a yoga studio, I was everything but relaxed and comfortable. And even though I enjoyed it, it still took two more months of doing yoga at home on an uncomfortable carpet before I was brave enough to have another go in a class.

So the point of this course is to make you feel more comfortable, knowing that everyone is at the same level. This way we can also practice safely, focusing on whats important in alignment and breath without complicating everything.

Because it is not just a weekly running class but a whole course you sign up to, we will progress every week focusing on different aspects of yoga. This means that after the course has finished you will not just have a better posture, calmer mind and more body awareness, you will also understand what yoga does and how and when to use it.

The course will among other things include

  • Introduction to various different yoga poses and the meaning for doing them (physically and mentally)
  • Increase flexibility and core-strength
  • Improve body awareness
  • Learning about what causes back pain and what to do about it
  • Simple, personalized cues for alignment where the goal is to feel good in a pose and avoid injuries
  • How the breath affects the way we feel, emotionally and physically

The goal of the course is to find out what yoga is for you and how you can practice in a way that suits you and your body and goals.

The price is £60 for the 6 weeks and as mentioned above this gives you free entry to any of my other weekly classes during the course. Payment occurs at the time of booking and is non-refundable. Book your spot below or send me a message for more info!

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