Yoga for the mind course

Start the next part of the year less stressed, which means less side effects from stress, like trouble sleeping, irritability, low immune system, forgetfulness and trouble focusing etc. I have just finished another course focusing on the mind and straight away saw how important this is and what a big effect it has straight away!

Starting Wednesday the 8th of August 5.15-6.15 pm 

The courses I run work a little differently to my other weekly classes. You will sign up for the whole course which will have a theme. The class for the courses will be held weekly on Wednesdays and each class in the course will build on the previous one.

During the weeks of the course all participants are welcome to come to any of my other classes in Wivelsfield Church hall at no extra cost. Payment occurs at time of booking and is binding.

This course will suit anyone who has never done yoga to more experienced yogis. Focus will lie on using all the secret ingredients in yoga to help recognize what makes us stressed, ruins our sleep and makes us lose focus.

The goal of this course is not to be able to meditate quietly with no thoughts for hours, but rather to learn how to spend energy and attention on what we think is important and helpful rather than on things that are not.

During the course we will focus a lot on our senses, how they affect us and how we can use them to be more mindful and less stressed. Our senses work in very clever ways that helps bring us back to the here and now. I am sure you have used music as a way to relax and loose yourself for a while for example.

It is very easy to be busy today, with all the should’s of family, work, fitness, social life etc. We take so much pride in doing more, we are taught from a very young age that the more you do the better you are. But for some reason we are never taught how to relax. This leaves us feeling inadequate and in a constant search for the next thing, meaning we are constantly in a fight/flight mode where we want to give everything we have.

Yoga is scientifically proven to ease stress on all levels in your body, in your hormones, in your nervous system,  in the way your brainwaves work, in your digestion, down to all the cells in your body.

Being mindful and learning how to deal with a busy mind is also proven to

  • Ease aches and pains
  • Enhance our sex life
  • Make us smarter and improves decision-making
  • Improve moods
  • Increase our ability to feel empathy and benevolence for others
  • Boost attention span and focus
  • Increase resilience and equanimity
  • Slow down neurodegenerative diseases
  • Enhance creativity
  • Reduce feeling of loneliness

The price is £60 for the 6 weeks and as mentioned above this gives you free entry to any of my other weekly classes during the course. Payment occurs at the time of booking and is non-refundable. Book your spot below or send me a message for more info!

Restorative and Mindful course

6 week course



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