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A Yogi who loves the outdoors and anything to do with movement

Ylva from Yoga with Ylva

I was probably a bit of a wild child growing up, my mum always says the only time she saw me was when she glimpsed two blonde whirlwinds flying past the kitchen window as my best friend Aleksander and I were chasing around. My teenage years were similar, filled with all sorts of sports and intense studying. My wise mum kept telling I should learn how to breathe, something I felt I had little time for. When I finally made way into a yoga studio I fell in love straight away, I know that this is not the case for most people, yoga is in many ways a practice that puts us outside of our comfort zone, which is, well, uncomfortable at times. But there was something about the slowing down, the stillness and silence that felt wonderful and I just wanted more of of it. It did take me about three more years before I understood what mum meant about the breathing though.

The main thing I’ve realised is that life becomes much more enjoyable if you stop to enjoy it sometimes. So even though my free time is still quite full on, with paragliding, wakeboarding, sea swimming, running and camping, my most favourite thing is to share the gift of slowing down.

I have been teaching yoga in Wivelsfield and surrounding areas for 6 years and in 2022 I begun to combine the benefits with yoga and the benefits of being outdoors with events taking us to the top of the downs and down to the sea with optional swims afterwards. I want to share that joy I’ve found in moving with intention, being aware of both our internal and external world. Guiding you through classes designed with purpose, using my extensive knowledge of anatomy and how the body works. From the way the blood flows through our muscles to how our nervous system and hormones work and affect us short- and long term.

My classes tend to have a slower pace to give enough time for me to explain why we are doing something, and enough time for you to feel and understand it. This gentle exploration of the body will leave you with the knowledge of how to take healthy movement off the mat and into your everyday life, where it will have the biggest effect.

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