About me


I specialize in teaching a gentle and holistic style of vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa yoga generally means flowing from pose to pose using the breath as a guide. I slow this down, creating a practice well-suited to the people who experience stress, both physically and mentally. The classes are designed to to serve the people taking it, by moving slower we learn more about ourselves; what movement we enjoy, how moving makes us feel and think and maybe most importantly it gives us a chance to take a step out and notice the patterns of our thoughts. Which also helps us notice whether our thoughts and stress are helping us if we can find more efficient ways to approach this life thing.

I went to my first yoga class whilst traveling Vietnam, with the only goal to reach my toes. Unfortunately it took me another two years to get there, but walking out from that studio, all sweaty and smiling, I had started something that brings me so much more joy than touching my toes. Yoga.
As soon as I realized I wanted to share this joy for yoga, the search for the perfect teacher training started. So a few years ago I flew across the globe to become a certified teacher on a beach on beautiful Bali.
As someone who wants to cram as much as possible into every single day, and feel guilty for taking a lie in, yoga help me stop and take time to appreciate the good things in life. Whilst also cut out or minimize the things that steel my energy, so I can spend more time on things I enjoy. So my new goal (now that I can touch my toes) is to get other people to start spending their energy on the things that matter to them. Whether you need movement or rest to find balance in life, I want to help you get there.
By noticing the air we breath and the signals our body sends us, we can start strengthen and lengthen our muscles so that we can move through our everyday life with more ease.