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A Yogi who loves the outdoors and anything to do with movement

Ylva from Yoga with Ylva

Growing up I was very much full speed. I did a lot of high-intensity sports, using my body to the max, studying hard and at the same time struggling with slowing down and turning off. Through yoga I discovered the joy of gentle and deliberate movement, being in tune with and feeling my body. 

Moving in ways that improve both my mental and physical health is truly life-changing. It reduces injuries, improves my posture, gives me healthier joints and makes me appreciate my body and my ability to move it. Yoga allows me to carry on with my other activities without burning out. Yoga allows me to enjoy my life more.

I have been teaching yoga in Wivelsfield and surrounding areas for 5 years and I want to share that joy I’ve found in movement. By guiding you through classes designed with a purpose, using my extensive knowledge of anatomy and how the body works. From the way the blood flows through our muscles to how our nervous system and hormones work and affect us short- and long term.

My classes tend to have a slower pace to give enough time for me to explain why we are doing something, and enough time for you to feel and understand it. This gentle exploration of the body will leave you with the knowledge of how to take healthy movement off the mat and into your everyday life, where it will have the biggest effect.

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