What to bring:

Mats and water are provided at all the classes, even private ones, but you can bring your own if you prefer it.

What to wear:

In yoga we don’t wear socks or shoes when we practice (I sometimes have some wolly socks on in the beginning in winter) so that we can use the muscles in the feet properly and don’t slip. Apart from that you can wear anything you feel comfortable in and that allows you to move freely.
However be aware, some leggings and shirts have zipped pockets for keys on the back, this can be quite uncomfortable when lying down.

If you tend to get cold, you are more than welcome to bring a blanket to the classes to wrap around yourself in the more still poses as it is difficult to relax if you are cold.

Before the class

Try to not eat a big meal or drink too much before the class as it might be uncomfortable to squeeze your belly around if its very full. 
Apart from that, come as you are!