Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Classes

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I now take bookings for outdoor and indoor classes, however, I can not provide any equipment (such as mats or other props) or do any physical adjustments (instead I will intently watch and guide you with verbal cues).

What happens in a private session?

The first time we meet we spend a bit of time going through any injuries, goals, preferences and anything else so that I get a rough idea and can build a loose plan. Before each following session, we will have a quick check-in and see how you are feeling that particular day to focus the class on that. So every class is completely designed for you and your body and mind.

After the first class we then come up with a plan of what to do next, commonly, we carry on with 1-3 classes a week on a time that works for us both, but this is completely up to you, we can do it less often or more on an ad-hoc basis seeing when it fits in with our schedules and what the weather is up to etc.


Class optionPrice
1 x 60 minute class£50
4 x 60 minute class£180
8 x 60 minute class£320

Looking for something different?

I can also offer 90 minute or 120 minute classes. All classes can be tailored to your specific needs

How I work

I specialize in gentle and holistic flow yoga, focusing on mobility in our joints and muscles as well as a place to counterbalance mental and physical stress from everyday life. It is a perfect fit for anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, profound stiffness or physical injuries as well as complete beginners. I will tailor the class especially for your needs, there will be a lot of adjustments, massages and a direct and clear plan to help you feel better and reach your goals.

What will I learn?

Learn how to align your practice on and off the mat towards what feels right for you, or focus more on a certain body part that I will give you tips and advice on how to free up! Do you want to learn more about breathing exercises? How about using yoga to sleep better and easier? Got an old injury or niggly body parts that you would like to protect and strengthen and stretch? Classes can be a one-off, or something more regular, but I can guarantee that you will get so much out of it!

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