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Yoga online

Join Yoga with Ylva Online

Yoga with Ylva Online is a flexible and comfortable way to access live and recorded yoga classes.

Join a supportive community with 5 live yoga classes a week and 100s of recorded classes accessible at any time.
All classes are slightly different, some are really gentle, some strengthen our core and some stretches the feet! Every class is recorded and saved in the group, so you can either join me live (this is my favourite, I love having you there at the same time as me) or you can access the class whenever fits into your schedule.

The classes
There is a variety of gentle classes, mainly they are feel-good, yummy stretches, waking up the spine and the large muscles. Designed to set you up for the day both physically and mentally. It is an amazing way to start the day, each class will leave you feeling motivated, focused and energised.

How will you feel
Energising body and mind. Coming back to ourselves by both grounding, feeling present, and lifting, stretching, getting things moving and flowing. Releasing any stagnation or sense of feeling stuck. Helping lift our mood, clear our minds and help us move in the direction that we want to go in. A direction toward a healthy body that feels able and free. Toward a happy mind that is resilient and open to change. 
So if you have been feeling a little bit foggy, grey and generally meh, I highly recommend you joining us. 

The teacher
Ylva is an experienced yoga teacher who specialises in anatomy and healthy movement. All classes are well thought-out and designed to help you feel better in your body. By stretching the larger and often tight muscles, strengthening the smaller and often neglected muscles, this leads to improved range of movement in the joints and sets up for a well-balanced body that we can enjoy.
For more info about Ylva, her teaching style and what you can expect in a class click here.

As a member you get:

  • – 5 live classes a week, which will then saved for you to catch up on at a later stage or redo another day
  • – Guided meditations
  • – Health and wellness tips
  • – More in-depth explanations of poses and yoga styles that are difficult to cover in a normal class
  • – Monthly membership on direct debit which can be cancelled anytime

£30 a month

All you need is a Facebook account and you will then get immediate access as soon as you have signed up and set up payment below.
Payment is done via a direct debit that you have full control over and can cancel anytime.

Got a question? Need a bit more information?

What the members think:

Karen Watts:
I first heard of Yoga With Ylva through a flyer. I decided that yoga would be one of my New Year lockdown resolutions even though I had tried it elsewhere in the past but not liked it. I am so pleased I decided to start again. Ylva is so much more than just a yoga teacher. 5 weeks in, and I am hooked. I would recommend Yoga With Ylva to anyone. Give it a go. It may be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself.

Tim Cox:
Thanks Ylva, these sessions in the mornings are wonderful

Julia Wiren:
Ylvas yoga is fantastic! I did an online course, 30-days in a row. It made me more flexible, calm, focused and generally happy. I usually have some pain in my neck and shoulders, but not after Ylvas yoga. Ylva is teaching her yoga classes in a very comfy pace and she explains every move so good that you don’t have to stare at the video. I will definitely do Ylva’s yoga again!

Linda Chiguer:
I love Ylvas yoga. She is teaching her yoga classes in a very calm, comfortable way and it is easy to follow the steps. Her classes really helps me release tensions and stress after a long day, and I always feel happy and energised at the end of a class. I can really recommend Ylva’s yoga.

Martin Long:
I’ve done about 30 classes with Ylva now and have found her style friendly, encouraging and informative. She helps you to focus on the most important aspects of each position whilst giving versatile options to tailor each class to your needs and ability.