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Yoga with Ylva Online is a flexible and comfortable way to access live and recorded yoga classes.

Special For September:

30-Days of Autumn Yoga & Wellbeing

Starting on the 1st of September, every day for the whole month a 15-30 minute class will be posted in the Facebook group
The class will be a mixture of all the things I know about health and wellbeing, including (of course) lots of yoga, but also breathing exercises, mobility and flexibility work, guided meditations, tapping, shaking, self-massaging, embodiment and some journaling.

The aim is to start this new season with a sense of direction and purpose, with the tools to deal with the stress of modern life and the effect that has on both body and mind. To come home to the body and feel more alive.

If you have practiced yoga or meditation with me you might have heard me talking about intentions every once in a while. Such as which direction would you like today to go in. Well I rarely tell you about my intention, but the overarching intention, direction and/or goal in my life is: To radiate life and health. This is the intention for my personal self, in my personal life, but teaching and sharing yoga and wellbeing is a huge part of that. The reason I want life and health to seep and shine out of my pores is so that I can help and inspires others (you) to feel the same way. Because feeling alive and free in the body is the most wonderful feeling and sharing that with others is even better.

If feeling alive and healthy is something you would like to do more, these 30 days will give you a boost in the right direction.

The details
One class every day for all of September and each class:
– will be shared at 8 am, some will be live and some will be pre-recorded
– will include some movement and some breathing
– is designed to make you feel more connected to your body and yourself
Who is it for
Each class will be easy to follow along and accessible to all ages, experience levels and abilities. But the classes are best suited for anyone who has spent the last year feeling a little bit out of touch. The classes will not be a workout, make you sweaty or ache. The main focus will be to learn how to feel the body, for that to happen we do, however, want to create some sensations in the body and all might not be 100% comfy and cosy, but this is part of it.

All you need is a Facebook account and you will then get immediate access as soon as you have signed up and set up payment below.
Payment is done via a direct debit that you have full control over and can cancel anytime.

It is £40 for the 30 days in September and from then £30/month
£35 EARLY BIRD – sign up for the 30 days before August 23rd

Got a question? Need a bit more information?

What the members think:

Karen Watts:
I first heard of Yoga With Ylva through a flyer. I decided that yoga would be one of my New Year lockdown resolutions even though I had tried it elsewhere in the past but not liked it. I am so pleased I decided to start again. Ylva is so much more than just a yoga teacher. 5 weeks in, and I am hooked. I would recommend Yoga With Ylva to anyone. Give it a go. It may be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself.

Tim Cox:
Thanks Ylva, these sessions in the mornings are wonderful

Julia Wiren:
Ylvas yoga is fantastic! I did an online course, 30-days in a row. It made me more flexible, calm, focused and generally happy. I usually have some pain in my neck and shoulders, but not after Ylvas yoga. Ylva is teaching her yoga classes in a very comfy pace and she explains every move so good that you don’t have to stare at the video. I will definitely do Ylva’s yoga again!

Linda Chiguer:
I love Ylvas yoga. She is teaching her yoga classes in a very calm, comfortable way and it is easy to follow the steps. Her classes really helps me release tensions and stress after a long day, and I always feel happy and energised at the end of a class. I can really recommend Ylva’s yoga.

Martin Long:
I’ve done about 30 classes with Ylva now and have found her style friendly, encouraging and informative. She helps you to focus on the most important aspects of each position whilst giving versatile options to tailor each class to your needs and ability.