Hello and welcome!
My name is Ylva (kind of pronounced iilva, it is Swedish (and means she-wolf)), I am so glad that you are interested in coming to yoga in Wivelsfield! The group classes are at the moment held in only Wivelsfield Church Hall

The current schedule can be found by clicking below, there you will also find more info about all the classes and how to book.

More info about what the classes mean can be found by clicking on the button above and also here on my website. If you are not sure which one will suit you, just message me and I’ll help you pick one.

As stated on your flyer, your first group class is free*, yay!

You do still have to book the class to secure your spot in the class you want. You can do that either by yourself here, just choose the first class for free option when “paying” or send me an email and I will book you in.

If you are a beginner, you may be interested in the 6-week Yoga for Beginner course thats starts on the 14th of September *.

If you are looking for something more personal, a private class might be for you, click here for more info or contact me through the form below and I’ll get straight back to you.

So who am I? You can read more about me here (if you want to). But in short, I have been teaching yoga and movement in Wivelsfield for over 7 years. I specialise in anatomy and physiology, how the poses, breath and movement affect and interact with each other and our body and mind. I find it all terribly fascinating and love to share how everything we are doing in the classes and our everyday life affect our bodies and moods.So you can expect to hear a lot of “this is a great pose for when you can’t sleep because…” or “doing this in our every day can cause lower back ache so think about doing some of this as well…” and so on. I share all those things because I assume everyone will find it just as interesting as I do, but mainly because I hope it will help someone enjoy moving.
Enough about me, please let me know who you are!
Have you done yoga before? What made you think these classes might be for you? Are you looking to improve tension or aches in the body? Just reply further down and I would love to connect and see where we can go from here. I look forward to hearing from you

Namaste Ylva & Baxter
*The first class for free offer only applies to weekly classes in Wivelsfield, not courses, outdoor classes or workshops

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