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  2. Pingback: Yoga with Ylva
  3. I have always been interested in yoga but i have never tried it.my body is gettin a bit stiff would it help my joints etc ?

    • Hello Charlie!
      There is lots of evidence showing that yoga is good for the health of our joints! For example it keeps the cartilage healthy, improves the circulations of joint fluids (which makes movements easier and smoother) it also strengthen the muscles that supports the joints which movements more stable and secure! I am running a beginners course starting in a couple of weeks which might suit you?

      Let me know if you have any further questions!

  4. Hi lyva loved reading about how you can help your lower back and hips from getting to stiff.i watch a very good programe on hot yoga and tried to do some moves but i struggled abit because my back and hips hurt. Regards charlie

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