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Want to practice from the comfort of your home, anytime you want? It might be difficult for us to practice together as all our schedules have been changed dramatically. I will, therefore, be recording a 20-30 minute yoga videos that you can buy for £5 to use as much as you want, whenever it suits you.

  • Vinyasa Flow for the Shoulders – Strengthening our shoulders and upper back will improve our posture significantly. And improving our posture is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our health, by standing and sitting more upright we ensure sufficient blood flow to our back and spine which will help keep the muscles healthy and strong, more blood flow into the head and neck will reduce tension headaches and improve focus and concentration. When we are not slouched over there is also enough room for our digestive system to move freely. But most importantly, by having an upright posture we can, with no extra effort at all, breathe fully and properly and the benefits of that are too many to bring up here, but I can guarantee you if you get stronger shoulders, better posture and a deeper breath: your life will change!
  • Gentle Yoga for Runners – Whether you’re an avid runner and would like to improve your stride, pace and posture, or if you’ve just been for your first run and are feeling achy and need a good stretch, this class will be just what you need. We will stretch all of the muscles used when running, and strengthen the small, stabilising ones around your joints which will minimise the risk for injury, improve your stamina and effectiveness of every step you take. Plus, like with any gentle stretch class, you will leave with those feel-good hormones running through your body, having improved your blood circulation, oxygen uptake and allowed the cells to repair themselves.
  • Restorative Yoga Before Bed – Want to relax just before bed, find that calm that leads you to a night of deep and restful sleep? This class will leave your body feeling more relaxed and free of tension, and your mind calmer and quieter. Setting you up for an intentional rest where your body is given the opportunity to really heal, detox and re-energise during the night so that you can wake up tomorrow feeling fresh and ready to be your best self.
  • Vinyasa Flow for the Core – Vinyasa flow to strengthen and bring awareness to the whole core, abdomen, waist and back. This will improve our posture, instantly throughout the rest of the day as we have now activated the right muscles and in the long term as we work on efficiently strengthening the muscles in our stomach and around the spine. With a better posture, we can breath fuller, leading to a higher oxygen intake, which leads to a healthier brain and better performing muscles, we also don’t need to breathe as much and when we can breathe slower our nervous system calms down and our stress levels come down.
  • Gentle Flow for Hips and Lower Back – Perfect for cyclists, stretch and ease any tension and stagnation in your hips and lower back. Great class for anyone (me included) who’ve experienced more lower backache than usual due to not getting as much everyday-movement in. And for all of you who’ve messaged me and said you’ve started cycling and are now experiencing a sore back.
    These gentle movements will increase the blood flow to your hips and lower back, which oxygenates the muscles, reduces fatigue and heals and renews the cells.
  • Restorative Yoga when you’ve had a long day – The perfect class for when you’ve had a really long day. but for some reason, it is not even lunchtime. Do this class at any time during the day when you just feel like you need a break, a reset. If you’ve had a long day at work, give yourself a moment to relax so that you can return to your family being the best version of yourself. Rather than the version that is drained of energy still carrying the weight of the day on your shoulders. This practice will help you shift your mindset and allow you to ease any burden on your mind, leaving you feeling lighter and more grounded.
  • Move Like a Wave Vinyasa Flow – Move in ways that feel right and good for your body, imagine that there are no edges or limits to your body or your ability. Moving freely and fluidly benefits our joints by lubricating and putting less pressure on them, it strengthens our tendons and muscles attachment points which stabilises the joints and minimises risks for injury or overstretching. But the main benefit is in the mind, the sense of freedom moving without rules and goals gives can’t be compared to anything else. By really tuning in and noticing our bodies we become one, one with the body, breath, mind and the present moment.
  • Gentle Yoga for Your Knees – Stretch and strengthen all the muscles and tendons around the knees to create more space and a freer movement in the joint. This will improve the blood flow to the area which creates healthier tissues and increases our awareness of the knee which can be a great way to minimise injuries from overstretching or overuse. If a muscle around any joint is tight it will start to pull on the bones causing the sliding movement in the joint to be pulled off-axis, creating wear and tear in the ligaments. The same can happen if the muscles are to lose and lack stability, the joint begins to move around too much, straining other parts.
    During this class, we, therefore, aim to find a good balance between strengthening (stabilising) and stretching (creating space).
  • FREE 10 minute Savasana/guided meditation – Perfect in its own right as a quick break, or use it after any of your videos and classes for a longer and luxurious savasana. If we don’t have 10 minutes to spend on ourselves, then what’s the point?
  • Vinyasa Flow for when you are Stressed – Get excess stress and other emotions out of your system by moving. Our stress response is designed to enable movement, fight or flight, so by giving in to the very nature of our own body, we can start to release stress, frustrations, anger or any other emotions clogging up our minds.
    Moving our bodies is also a great way to become more present, to notice the moment in which we are moving in. Making movement an easier way to practice mindfulness in difficult times.
  • Gentle Gratitude Flow – Find gratitude for your body, for the way it is able to move, for how good it feels to breathe. Focusing on shifting our mindset to one that helps us notice the good things in life.
  • Feel Good Restorative – Designed to make your body and mind feel good inside and out. Enjoy gentle yummy stretches where I talk you through how and why these poses are so good for your mental and physical health. We will also go through some exercises to help shift our mindset to one where we are able to fully appreciate and enjoy the good things in life.
  • Vinyasa Connect Body and Breath Flow – Keeping our awareness on “just” the breath can be difficult, we often find our minds begin to wander after only a few seconds. By finding a deep connection between the breath and how we move the body, we enhance the sensations of the breath. A bit like two separate wave patterns, if they are not in sync they almost cancel each other out, which means we find it hard to focus on either and our minds wander. However, if can sync them together they enhance each other and all of a sudden it is like nothing else but the sensation of breathing and moving exist. We become fully present.
  • Gentle Body and Nervous System Wake Up – The nerves are like pathways in the body. The more we use one pathway the bigger and more aware of it we become, like a really busy road. Some are used so often they turn into motorways and we become super sensitive to them, even the smallest signal can cause a strong sensation, this is what tends to happen when we have chronic pain. Some paths, however, are so rarely used they have turned into small, overgrown paths where it is really difficult to detect any sensation at all.
    This class aims to even the “roads” out in our bodies so that we are as equally and evenly aware of our earlobes, thighs and little toes as possible. Improving our body awareness and therefore our sense of having a body, it minimises injury and helps us feel more alive.
  • Morning Restorative – A restorative class to gently energise you in the morning and prepare you for your day. Perfect on those mornings where you are feeling extra snoozy, maybe you had a bad night sleep, or you have something important coming up that you want to be in top form for
  • Vinyasa Flow Leg Strength and Stretch – Some of your largest muscles are located in your legs, so by stretching and strengthening them, you improve the blood flow into to your muscular tissues and around the whole body which will leave you feeling energised and more in tune with your body for the rest of the day.
  • Deep Full Body Stretch – A slow flow class designed to really open up and stretch the whole body out. A perfect class to wind down in the evening, taking some time for yourself and your body.
  • Gentle Flow for Joint Health – Get moving in all of your joints, lubricate them, stretch them, use them, strengthen them and have a enjoy a lifetime of a functional body
  • Restorative Chest Opener – Open up the chest and get some movement in our upper vertebrates. Great to do in the morning to set the tone for the day with a great posture, waking up the nerves that ensure that we do so. Or in the evening to release tension built up from the day
  • Gentle Flow Hip Stretch – Release tension built up from sitting down, stress or exercise. Join me to feel that sense of freedom as you loosen the centre of your body and improve your manoeuvrability of the whole body
  • Gentle Free Flow – Get to know your body by listening and moving every single day. Find different ways to move to create freedom and appreciation for your body
  • FREE Pranayama Class – Breathe to connect to nature and the self
  • Balance Vinyasa Flow – Wake up your feet and the internal, stabilizing muscles to find balance, left and right, up and down and on one leg
  • Gentle Flow Mood Booster – This gentle flow is just what you need to mindfully break out of any thought patterns that don’t serve you or this day.
  • Restorative Yoga for Immune System – Designed to get your lymph system and white blood cells gently moving around the body to help the immune system function as well as possible
  • Wake-up vinyasa flow – Do this one at any time during the day to wake up the senses in your body, getting the blood moving and generally just feeling more connected and ready for what lies ahead
  • Gentle Yoga Break – Take a break, from whatever you were doing. Take some time to re-energise and recenter yourself. Come back to whatever you’re doing with more purpose and intention.
  • Vinyasa for your posture – Strengthen your core and get moving through every single one of your vertebrates as well as your hips to improve your posture and be able to stand more upright with increased blood flow to the back
  • Nourish and restore restorative class – Gentle restorative poses to really nurture your whole body and mind.
  • FREE guided meditation – 20-minute yoga Nidra to use at any point during the day to feel more centred and connected to yourself and the present moment.
  • Gentle flow neck and shoulders – Release tension and soreness in your neck and shoulders, perfect for when you have a headache or have spent a lot of time hunched over a computer. Can be done sitting in a chair, in bed or on the floor
  • Vinyasa flow for the side body – Stretch out the sides of your body, my favourite way to ease any back pain from being still too much. It will leave you feeling taller, more energised and better able to breathe fully.
  • Restorative and Yin for hips and lower back  – Yummy, calming practice, great to release any built-up tension and stress in the hips and lower back. After these 30 minutes you will feel a lot freer in the way you move, stand and sit.
  • Vinyasa flow for digestion – Improve your digestion, nutritional uptake and increase energy levels. Using the breath and body to get things moving and release stagnation
  • Gentle Bedtime Yoga  – Gentle movement, ideal just before you go to bed. Make this a part of your regular evening routine to really feel the benefits from calming the mind and body right before you drift off.
  • FREE Feel Alive Flow – Improve your awareness of your physical body to feel more present and grounded. It would be such a shame to miss out on the experience of having a body, with a beating heart and flowing breath.
  • Gentle flow to calm the nervous system – Perfect for when you are feeling stressed or frazzled and just need a moment to heal and reset your whole body
  • Sun salutation vinyasa flow – Greet the day, embrace whatever lies ahead of you with this vinyasa flow, creating your own sunshine and setting yourself up for a bright day!
  • 90-minute Restorative Class – Take this time to really connect to yourself, lower your stress hormones for real and submerge into a deeper level of calm and tranquillity
  • Gentle flow for your legs – Enjoy some gentle stretches for your legs, perfect after you’ve been out on a walk/run/cycle or if you’ve been sitting down and want to get the blood moving around your legs.
  • 30-minute No-Hands Vinyasa Flow – A fun flow without using your hands Get your whole body moving and flowing, perfect if you’ve got sore wrists or want to challenge yourself in a creative way
  • FREE 10-minute Pranayama – Learn how to breathe and why it’s so important
  • 30-minute Midweek Restorative – Give your mind and body the opportunity to really heal and restore with this yummy practice. Perfect break in a stressful day or just a generally stressful time, the more often we can give ourselves a break the better we will function as human beings.
  • 30-minute Hip Mobility – Improve the mobility in your hips and receive benefits such as improved blood flow to the legs, stronger, less achy lower back, lower risk for injuries and over-stretching, improved posture and so on
  • 20-minute Get Moving – a fun class moving and shaking any work out of your body and brain
  • 25-minute Yoga in bed – a gentle flow that can be done in bed, lying down on your back the entire time. Perfect to create that lazy Sunday feeling no matter what day it is!
  • 30-minute Vinyasa flow for your spine and core – perfect to get your body moving in the morning or if you’ve been working from home in a less good chair!
  • 20-minute restorative class – end the week feeling calmer and more relaxed.
  • 35-minute gentle flow class – a perfect way to get moving in the morning or after a long day!

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