The Good Sleep


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The Good Sleep 
Friday 6th of March
5.30 pm – 8.30 pm
Wivelsfield Church Hall

*Dinner included in price*

Sleep – who needs it?

All of us, actually and a lot more than we realise. I am sure most of us feel like we, at times at least, could do with some more sleep. You might even be trying to get more sleep, but just end up lying there with your thoughts spinning. Or maybe you find that as the sun goes down you are hit with this burst of energy, all of a sudden the house needs cleaning, that project you’ve haven’t come around to do yet just needs doing right now, and before you know it, an eight-hour sleep is just no longer going to happen. “But I don’t need eight-hours” you might say, but you do, according to every single sleep researcher there is.

This last year I have spent a lot of time on reading, researching and I even took a uni module on consciousness states including sleep. What I realised was that sleeping well is not a birthright. We don’t just deserve to have a good night sleep, with no work whatsoever.

We don’t necessarily deserve to be punished with bad sleep either, but many of us have a lot of habits that are pretty much guaranteeing that we will either not be able to fall asleep on time, or feel well-rested when we wake up.

We are usually completely unaware that these habits even have the slightest effect on our sleep. Which is a good thing! That means that there are lots of things we can do throughout our day, small changes that over time will transform the quantity and quality of your sleep.

The point of this is obviously that I want to share what I learnt with you guys!
Focus will be:
– What is affected by sleep (hint: every single cell and function in our body)
– The truth of morning larks and evening owls
– Habits that might be disrupting your sleep
– New habits that will improve your sleep
Cup of tea
Discussion about sleep
Restorative Yoga Session
Home (to bed probably)
What to bring:
Cosy socks
Water bottle
Optional pen and block for notes
Perfect for all levels of experience, flexibility and physic, if you are interested in learning more about your own sleep, how to improve and sleep in general, this is for you!

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