Self-Care tips during Covid-19

Here are my non-negotiable ways to stay healthy and positive

  1. Prioritise your sleep – I cannot stress enough how important sleep is for our whole health and wellbeing if you want some more tips on how to sleep well, click here
  2. Routine – sticking to a routine is crucial for our wellbeing and at the moment it so easy not to. Get up, go to bed and eat at the same time (fluctuating no more than 1hr) every day, including weekends!
  3. Get outside – whether you can go for a walk/run/cycle or just sit in the garden, or even just sitting next to an open window. Fresh air and nature has a huge impact on our wellbeing and improves sleep quality.
  4. Hydrate – again, so easy to forget when we are home. But if you are not hitting 2l (preferably 3) of water (coffee, tea and soft drinks not included) you are doing your health (mental and physical) a huge disservice.
  5. Move – don’t worry about trying to motivate yourself to do an hour of beast-mode, slow and steady wins the race, put an alarm for every half hour and do one minute of moving/stretching (walking to the kitchen to put the kettle on or go to the loo are great examples). And then commit to longer periods of movement 3-5 times a week. Click here to get access to pre-recorded yoga classes you can do whenever suits you.
  6. Practice gratitude – Write down one thing every evening you are grateful for from that day, if writing is not your thing, say it out loud, either to yourself or do this with your family (a great way to build connections)
  7. Snack on fruit – avoid highly processed or sugary snacks as they raise inflammation in the body and stresses our immune system (not what we want in times like these)
  8. Have a de-stress practice – yoga or meditation are definitely two of the most effective ones, but anything that makes you feel more relaxed, reading, cooking, painting, have an in-depth conversation with someone, gardening, mindfully choosing something on TV, whatever works for you (our mindset is everything here study shows)
  9. Give yourself a break – this is not the time to save the world

This list is as much for me to remind myself as it is for anyone else, I hope you find it useful!