Sunset Yoga by the Beach & Campfire

Sunset Yoga by the Beach

with Campfire & Marshmallows

Sunset Yoga with Optional Swim

Upcoming dates:
Sunday 21st of April 6:30 pm

A wonderful evening spent by the sea; moving & breathing before getting in the water reflecting the fiery colours of the setting sun. We will then gather around the fire, drink tea, eat snacks and toast marshmallows as the sky grows darker.

These evenings are usually hugely popular and I absolutely love them. However, I am very much a morning person and usually flag around 8.30 pm needing my bed, so I am unable to commit to them too often. So if you are interested, make sure that you sign up to the Outdoor Yoga mailing list where a schedule is being sent out with the upcoming outdoor classes for the week.

The Yoga Class
We have a spot of flat ground for the yoga just back from the pebbly beach, where we will be more comfortable and balanced. The Yoga class itself will be suitable for all levels and ages, it will be a gentle class focusing on having fun, stretching the body to release tension and feeling good in general. 

We will finish the class in Savasana, the final resting position, where we lie on our back to soak it all in, the location, the sunset and the practice itself. As our body temperature will drop here, bring a blanket or a warm hoodie to drape over yourself – even if its been a warm day.

The Swim
The swim is 100% completely optional. You do not have to decide beforehand and can always change your mind. There is absolutely no pressure to get in. If you do want to get in, only stay in as long as you want. You are more than welcome to wear a wetsuit.

I will wear a swimming costume and stay in for a maximum of 10 minutes. I am not a super strong swimmer and will not swim anywhere, apart from perhaps along the beach, no further than 1 meter away from where I can touch the bottom, I suggest you do the same and stay well within your comfort zone. 

So perhaps a more fitting name would be, Yoga and optional splash around in the sea haha.

The Details
The class is held on the concrete platform just back from the beach at Tide Mills, if you have been before or know where to go (to the right as you reach the beach from Tide Mills car park) you can meet us there.

Or, I will leave the Tide Mills car park around 10 minutes before the class starts and walk down from there. You are more than welcome to meet me at the first car park, closest to the main road, and walk down with me, just let me know and I will wait for you.

After the yoga 
I will make a fire on the beach for us to gather around (I will also clean it up and bring anything home to leave no trace when we leave). I will bring some snacks, marshmallows and tea for us all to enjoy after the swim to make the most of the evening and you are welcome to stay on the beach for as long as you want with family and friends. 
If you have any allergies, do let me know

  • The Yoga class will be suitable for all levels and ages.
  • The swim is completely optional, you can wear a wetsuit or just swimmers, whatever you feel most comfortable in.
  • There is free parking at Tide Mills where we will meet
  • Make sure you read T&C before signing up
  • What to bring

As with most things I do there is no particular rhyme or routine to it, I mainly look at the forecast for good sunset conditions and add a class accordingly. A rough aim would be to have these classes once every or every other month. The timing will be completely dependent on the sunset at that time of year. These classes only happen during the warmer half of the year as I don’t want us getting out of the water when the sun sets and risk the temperature dropping below zero.

£12 per person or £20 for two friends

I really enjoyed the yoga practice outside and the swim and am definitely up for doing it again. 

I went to this event and enjoyed everything about it. The yoga level was perfect, stretch’s, relaxation, breathing. The location was perfect, Ylva was a perfect host with home made brownies for afterwards and tea. Ylva had organised for a beach BBQ to be lit and ready at the end of the class. This event has been one of my summer highlights so far, beach yoga, swim available, tea and cake, perfect ❤️

What a lovely class and swim yesterday. 

I loved everything about your yoga and swim session. It was perfect.

A lovely yoga session hosted by Ylva on Newhaven beach, followed by a sea swim and a sit down round the fire with marshmallows and tea. A great experience. Sure to come back for the next session.

It’s been wonderful finding a Yoga teacher after the pandemic that I feel so comfortable with. Ylva has such calm and positive energy to be around.
Her new Yoga and sea swim practice made my Sunday so empowering 🙏 in every way.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the yoga session yesterday. I really enjoyed it and it was perfect to get me back into yoga. I would love to come again when you put on more beach sessions. 

I attended my first yoga class with Ylva for the Beach yoga and swim at the weekend. What a great way to start the day! Her yoga is gentle but invigorating for tense muscles, and coupled with listening to the birds and being under the sun, it was pure bliss. The addition of the sea swim was amazing. I nearly forgot to mention Ylva – she is lovely and very encouraging. I am looking forward to hopefully attending more of her classes. Highly recommended!

What to bring

  • Yoga Mat – if you don’t have one, I can bring one for you, just let me know
  • Blanket and layers of clothes for relaxation at the end of class – This is essential even if you don’t think you’ll need it haha!
  • Swimsuit and/or wetsuit
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes for after swim – warm, loose clothes are great and easy to change into if you are cold
  • Shoes for swimming if needed
  • Water bottle