Helene Threadgold

I have been attending Ylva’s Yoga classes for about 8 weeks, I heard about her classes from afriend and colleague and how great they were.
I just turned up to be greeted by a warm and welcoming face of Ylva, I explained I had notdone any Yoga for about 10 to 15 years!!
The lessons are done at a time and pace that suits all, there are no expectations only what Ias an individual feel I can give, or want to experience or achieve.
Ylva has a kind, calm and relaxing organic nature which is portrayed in her approach to her practice and her students. Ylva’s Yoga sessions offer a large variety of exercise focusing ondifferent elements of the body and mind, to include, poses, meditation, breathingrestoration, stretching and repairing, to name but a few.
I have attended one of Ylva workshops, which was amazing, it included self massage
techniques, restoration, meditation and lots of long poses too, including massage oils, andherbal tea!!!
I feel that the classes cover a wide range of Yoga that is beneficial to my well being, I have learnt to be more relaxed and focused on the now in situations, it has increased my hours ofsleep also.
Ylva also has flexible terms with regards to paying for classes which helps, the classes arereally good value for money, and anyone is welcome.

I would recommend anyone looking to start or rejoin Yoga to come to our classes.